Centralia Carillon

Centralia Carillon Summer Series 2019

Concert Times: 6:30 PM - Concert duration: 1 hour unless indicated otherwise

Guest Artist Concerts

Full programs available during the concerts

We are excited to announce the schedule of the Centralia Carillon Summer Series 2019. The Summer Series will consist of nine concerts. These concerts will feature artists from the United States, Europe and Austalia. One of these concerts will be a joint performance with Roy Kroezen, Centralia Carillon's Carillonneur.


1 Steven Ball (St. Louis, MO)

22 Amy Johansen (Sydney, Australia)

27 Bernard Winsemius (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (Thursday) 


6 Gijsbert Kok (The Hague, Netherlands)

13 Kimberly Shafer (Chicago)

20 Anna Kasprzycka (Gdansk, Poland)

27 Elijah Buerk and Roy Kroezen Duet and solo


24 Tin-Shi Tam (Iowa State University, Ames IA)

31 Margaret Pan (Somerville, MA)